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Dr. Shameem Ara

Dhaka Oriental College

Dr. Shameem Ara, associate professor at Bangla department of Jagannath University is a fantastic and extraordinary character as well as a successful entrepreneur and social worker. Reading new books is her hobby and teaching is her passion. She herself is an inspiration for all the students those who come into her contact. She always guides and gears up the students for higher studies.

 She has completed her Hons and Masters from department of Bangla, Rajshahi University .She has completed her PHD and Post doctorate from University of Dhaka under Bishojit Ghos. She has several research papers that have been published in renowned journals including Jagannath University journal. She has written some fantastic and resourceful article on feminism. She has achieved a lot of awards for her extraordinary activities in her academic and professional life.

Her love and dedication for education is noteworthy. She is an idol of perseverance. She wants to have a very skilled and properly educated nation as education is the backbone of a nation. “The best sector for working is education, the best people for passing time is young generation and to me the best job is giving knowledge to the young” She said.